We Are DUO
Formed in 2009, DUO is an artistic collaboration between visual artists, and friends, Jason O’Brien and Kwame Delfish. The group name aptly demonstrates this artistic union as it is a joining of their two surnames – Delfish United with O’Brien … DUO. Duo is an original platform for experiencing art, which is a concept that has meaning for both for its members and its audiences.

For Kwame and Jason DUO is a platform for presenting their art. By combining synergies they seek to find new and exciting ways to promote themselves as individual artists, under one collective brand. This concept is an artistic challenge in itself as they endeavor to take their artistic talents beyond the dimensions of a canvas.

For those participating in the DUO experience, DUO is a doorway to seeing art as more than just canvases on walls. Through unique art‐going experiences Kwame and Jason strive to make art accessible to wider audiences.


We invite you to view promos produced by Random Media for our first self-titled exhibit in 2011 titled “DO U ORIGINAL”