The Elements of Dwelling, Design & DUO

November 24, 2012

It can be an amazing experience when two artistic elements come together in natural harmony, but when it does…the result can be almost poetic. The reaction of elements I just described recently happened for myself and my artist-collaborator friend Kwame Delfish this past July at our last exhibit titled “Step & Repeat”. We produced this exhibit under our brand name of “DUO” and it was staged in a private home residence owned by good friends and committed supporters of DUO – Marlon and Davina Reid.

This exhibit differed from our previous shows as it was our first “niche” event – By niche I mean it was an “invite only”affair and was staged in a private home setting, but most importantly it was a fantastic opportunity for prospective art buyers to see how the artwork of DUO can live and illuminate within a modern domestic space.

This video I am sharing walks you through the beautiful home interiors allowing you to appreciate its architectural elegance and to see how the DUO artwork provides visual punctuation long the way. All the original artwork shown in this video is listed below and available for purchase by clicking on the painting title.



The Sound of Love

Elegant Enigma

Illuminated Whisper

Beautifully Human

Black Cotton

Obama – By Kwame Delfish

Decoy – By Kwame Delfish