Nuit Blanche – “The White Night”

October 9, 2012

On Saturday, Sept 29 myself along with hundreds of Toronto’s art lovers braved a night of threatening rain to walk around the city to view more than 150 art exhibits from 500 artists, ranging from the traditional to video game installations and even a Halloween-themed funhouse. “Nuit Blanche” (“The White Night” translated from French) is an annual city-wide art festival sponsored by Scotiabank that celebrates an entire night of the arts in all its various forms around the city. The festival started from 7:00pm Saturday all the way until 8:00am the next morning.

I arrived downtown Toronto around 1:30 am and did not get the opportunity to cover quite as much ground as I hoped, however for what little I did manage to catch I wanted to share with you in this blog post. This was only one of many many other exhibits occurring around the city.

The images I’m sharing with you are from a full scale exhibit experience titled “Museum for the End of the World”. It’s described by its producers as an exercise in creativity that attempts to contrast the the relationship between “creativity” and the “apocalypse” and how they influence one another. It is said that the irony of life is the impending certainty that it will eventually end – so what kind of artistic inspirations can come of such irony? This exhibit aimed to explore that very question.

What made this exhibit so courageous, was the fact it was staged in the 3 lower parking levels below Toronto City Hall and invited large groups of eager and curious art lovers to walk through the bowels of the underground parking to be emerged in to this staged post-apocolyptic experience.

The exhibit was a very dark, macabre and at times a humorous interpretation of what life would be like in a post apocalyptic world and how we may be redefined in it. I admit I did not connect to all the interpretations presented as some were very abstract to me, however, I do applaud the artists and the exhibit producers for attempting something big, bold and outside the box for the benefit of those of us who have an eternal curiosity to challenge ourselves to deconstruct what the message is in what is being presented by the artist(s).

Overall “Museum for the End of the World” exhibit was visually engaging and generated many pictures and much discussion among the hundreds of  art-lovers who participated in the walk through and I hope you get a sense of what my experience was like through my images on the night known as “Nuit Blanche” – (The White Night) 2012.


Jason O’Brien

Nuit Blanche Program Booklet – 2012

Art goers standing in front of the Nuit Blanche City Blueprint – Where to begin the night adventure?

Toronto art lovers gather at Dundas Square, Toronto – Canada – 1:30am

Decent in to the underground exhibit tunnel.

Post Apocalyptic Captions

Bizarre post apocalyptic X-Mas performance scene – Don’t ask!

Presented as a relic on display in a post apocalyptic world.

This is what I saw when I stuck my head in the tube. Intense vertigo!

This was a cool electro-spider installation emitting ambient sounds as you passed by.

Participants fascinated by their shadow silhouettes.

Museum of the End of the World Poster