Step & Repeat Exhibit 2012

November 13, 2012

Earlier this year myself and my artist-partner Kwame Delfish and I co-produced an art exhibit event titled “Step & Repeat” under our collaborative brand name “DUO” (Do-U-Original). The affair was a red-carpet, invite only event that took place on June 23  and was staged in the beautiful private home venue of friends and patrons Marlon and Davina Reid.

This unique event was a co-production between “DUO” and Marlon and Davina’s social event brand called “Reid Out Loud”. It was a social affair with the intention to bring together art aficionados and young professionals who aspire to attain original artwork for their homes or uncover a greater appreciation for supporting the arts and engage in discourse around social issues they may drive. All the artwork we displayed were originals for sale and can be seen on our websites listed below.

The event was titled “Step & Repeat” which had a double meaning…

1. For those who don’t know, prior to entry on the red carpet we had guests take a picture in-front of a backdrop with our event logos on it – This backdrop is called a “step & repeat”.

2. The second meaning aligns with the experience of how a person engages artwork on the wall. First they “step” in-front of the work, take it in and then “repeat” the the process all over again as they move on to the next piece of work.

The idea of producing these small “nice” art events in private homes for those who love to entertain is something Kwame and I plan to explore more of under our “DUO” brand. We were fortunate to have the corporate brand support of “Appleton Estate Rum” and “Tiger Beer” adding to the overall experience making the event a memorable one for all who attended .


For anyone intersected in collaborating with “DUO” to produce a unique art-centered event please send an email to


DUO: For more information on DUO visit –


“DUO” – Do U Original Artists – Kwame Delfish & Jason O’Brien

“Reid Out Loud” Founders and Hosts – Marlon & Davina Reid

Event guests on the red carpet in front of our “Step & Repeat” backdrop.

Event guests strike a pose in front of our step & repeat backdrop.

“Tiger Beer” sponsor (

“Appleton Estate Rhum” sponsor display

Guests wax poetic’ing at the event.

Butterfly Effect” – By Jason O’Brien

Painting by Kwame Delfish

Painting by Kwame Delfish

The Fire Within” by Jason O’Brien

Painting by Kwame Delfish