Why I Paint

Why I Paint…

August 19, 2012

Why do I paint?…It’s a simple and direct question that anyone with enough curiosity about the person behind the work would ask if ever face to face with the artist…

I paint because like everyone else, I have thoughts and ideas about the world around me I wish to express – That means something to me. Fortunately I have been given the gift to express them through the medium of painting which for me is an opportunity to connect to something within and externalize it on to canvas for others to experience. It’s a very rewarding journey that at times I can describe as being both humbling and spiritual. The world around us moves so quickly and it’s a powerful feeling to take a moment out of the fray and crystallize it for people to see. An idea born out of a moment of pure inspiration compels me and I dictate my message to the viewer through the images and colours I feel best translate what I felt at that moment.

Sometimes it’s a subject that is relevant to the viewer and other times its something completely foreign to their experience, either way what’s most important is that they engage and allow the opportunity for my work to happen to them. As human beings we all have a need to communicate, to connect and as an artist my art is my channel to do this. Everyone has experienced something they have not quite been able to articulate in to words or something they never gave particular thought to, until they see a painting translates it through a powerful visual experience – As an artist I get to affect that….That’s why I paint.

Jason O’Brien