Jason O'Brien

Carbon Love

"Memories of us rise like a departing dream, fragments of ash and ember now occupy the space where our love used to be, yet those embers illuminate the depth and hope I carry in my eyes still searching for that flame that that you and I both know still underlies."

Medium: Digital painting - Procreate - 2022.



“Petals flowing on the back of warm breezes stir the highland reeds, as she stands still in the twilight quietly listening to her wishes with her eyes closed and her heart wide open."

Medium- Digital painting - Procreate 2022.

The Crown that Picks You

"This crown of mine, a crown of splendour so divine. My royalty is real, yet you ask how I picked my crown?, but maybe you should you ask how this crown picked me? I was chosen because it represents the emblem of my ancestral identity, strength and collective pride and with this knowledge of self - love washes over me like an incoming tide."

Medium: Digital painting - Procreate - 2022.


Brother's Keeper

"You look in to my face and see the color of my skin, the fullness of my lips, the texture of my hair and think you know me; you look at the swag in my stride and the way I express my cool and you think you know me. Blackmen, whether we are celebrated, imitated, exploited or denigrated what you need to know is in the end, I stand beside my brother because I am my brother's keeper - and he is mine."

Medium: Digital painting - Procreate - 2022.

Brand Black

"Ghetto until proven fashionable" - From gold hoop earrings, long finger-nails to long over-sized puffer coats and cornrow braids, various aspects of everyday Black culture often start with derogatory criticism until the mainstream media machine finds value in it and ultimately capitalizes on it. Brand Black represents the power that comes from Black communities reclaiming the building blocks of their appropriated culture and opposing the monetization of Black culture for profit."

Medium: Digital painting - Procreate - 2022.

THE_VIBE 3-cad04a9

The Vibe

"Baby you can't see my vibe, baby you can't be my vibe, but you can definitely feel my vibe, because this sultry style and grace you see, comes from my style and my celestial individuality."

Medium: Digital painting - Procreate - 2022.